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The prompt is the poem

More inspiration from a Lightning Droplets prompt:



Find a headline or story that is good
news, a very small silver lining.
Dive deep into the possible
implications; imagine all the neighbors
were helping. What happens
when this explodes into goodness?

It changes the course of everything.


late may sweet kate

Tradescantia ‘Sweet Kate’

More found (prompt) poetry

Again I found inspiration in a journal prompt at Lightning Droplets:


Describe in one small detail the change in your life

Think of one very small change
that offers a window into this time:
a crayon drawing, seeds
you planted, a mountain
of toilet paper.

Write down whatever comes
to mind; leave nothing
out. How does this small
detail relate to everything
else in your world?

Show us the colors and textures
you notice when you look
closely. What is the history
behind this? What meaning
does it hold for you?

Tell us why you noticed
this change, what captured
your attention. Show us how
it connects to something
larger in your life.


may daffodils

April Queen daffodils, a lovely gift from my lovely daughter

Prompt as poetry

Lightning Droplets has been posting journal prompts, but as we all know, prompts are prompts. 😉 Here’s a sort-of found poem from Monday’s post.


Prompt 18

Shelter and write
the pandemic as a turning
point: on what trajectory
was the year before the outbreak?
How does the virus change

things? It should alter life
decisions and goals, reshape
relations, spaces, and time,
transform who we are
as people.


may allium

Allium schubertii almost ready to bloom

Lagniappe: LexPoMo 2017

LexPoMo2017Thanks to a technical oversight, LexPoMo challenge participants get to post an extra poem! Hooray! When I got the news, I took a break from editing and tossed together a trifle from a list of prompts I had at hand.

Reblogged from the Lexington Poetry Month blog.

Prompt burgoo

someone is chewing gum
behind the green door
extremely close and very loud

everyone switches bodies (even if
they hate each other/especially
if they hate each other)

no one knows if there will be life
after the end of bacon


 (For an entertaining sense of what burgoo means, click here and scroll down to the thesaurus section.)

Prompted poetry: the comment

I recently found a wonderful resource for writers in South African-based Writers Write. The site has all kinds of goodies and support for both business and creative writing, including prompts, quotes, book reviews, and courses. I signed up to receive prompts for each month via e-mail, and February’s list arrived yesterday.



the offhand comment is not painful
because formulated
without thought or consideration

the offhand comment is painful
because of astonishing
insight and precision


Prompt: anywhere out of the world

This was Thursday’s prompt from the 30/30 Writing Challenge. I thought it was kind of awkward, but the discomfort led me to play with it a bit more than I might have done with something more straightforward. Hey, it’s practice; it’s all good.

No Escape

the world is anywhere
but out, a roundness looping
back on itself like a snake
swallowing its own tail
or that nifty paper trick
from grade school wherein
a single twist is all you need
to model infinity

Prompted poetry: walkers at dawn

It’s still National Poetry Month! Above is yesterday’s prompt from WordXWord’s 30/30 Poetry Challenge (http://3030poetry.com/). Below is yesterday’s poem.

The Dawn Walkers

We follow the terminator’s endless
sweep, throw long shadow
legs over mountains, span plains, leap whole
valleys, stride through forests. We skim
oceans, dive from shore to shore, not quite touching
the surface, ours the flight of night and day, ever
tumbling as the round world rolls.

Prompted poetry: between the sheets

This prompt was from last week’s Poetry Wednesday at The Write Prompts:

Your topic is: between the sheets.
Your form is: three stanzas of varying lengths. The first stanza is what happens before, the second is what happens during, and the last stanza is what comes after.

As usual, I didn’t follow the form. The topic took me in a different direction than I expected, and I’m not sure I pulled it off. Please let me know what you think the poem is about — your feedback will be very helpful!

Blank page

between the sheets
there is nothing
but expectations

Prompted poetry: wolf bite

Today is Poetry Wednesday at The Write Prompts, and the assigned form is haiku. I decided I could manage haiku this morning — just seventeen syllables (if you disregard the finer points of the form, which I did.)

the winter wind howls
down the valley as it leaves
toothmarks on my neck

Prompted poetry: sky photo

Shawn has provided another photo prompt this week: Sky over Barceloneta Beach. I was surprised at how quickly I thought of something in response. Maybe I’m starting to get the hang of this writing thing…


Etch A Sketch

the wide blue screen plots certain
journeys — destinations and departures
scrawled in vapor trail
some expand to dissipate into
nothingness while others contract
to invisibility — in the end
all vanish