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Anxious weather

It has been a lovely spring overall, though we’re about to get blasted with a late hard freeze certain to kill almost everything that has emerged. I feel so sad and powerless; I expect a cherished magnolia will die as a result, as it has already lost all leaves twice this spring to previous unseasonable hard freezes.

Meditation on my morning walk

‘Tis a grey day in May,
much colder than anyone
expects, with a hard freeze
predicted for the end
of the week. I long to throw
a blanket over the whole
yard, big enough to cover
even the mature ashes
with pinnate leaflets unfurling
tiny and chartreuse.


yellow irises 6may20

other likely victims of the impending freeze – naturally, this is the most blooms we’ve ever had on the yellow irises

Weather poetry

More than once today a gust of wind ripped the car door from my grasp as I opened it. Luckily, I wasn’t next to another car on any of those occasions.

Weather advisory

the winds of March have come
early to clear the trees of old
leaves and dead wood and push
the stale pestilence of winter
ahead of them, leaving
hope in their wake