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The prompt is the poem

More inspiration from a Lightning Droplets prompt:



Find a headline or story that is good
news, a very small silver lining.
Dive deep into the possible
implications; imagine all the neighbors
were helping. What happens
when this explodes into goodness?

It changes the course of everything.


late may sweet kate

Tradescantia ‘Sweet Kate’

Prompt as poetry

Lightning Droplets has been posting journal prompts, but as we all know, prompts are prompts. ūüėČ Here’s a sort-of found poem from Monday’s post.


Prompt 18

Shelter and write
the pandemic as a turning
point: on what trajectory
was the year before the outbreak?
How does the virus change

things? It should alter life
decisions and goals, reshape
relations, spaces, and time,
transform who we are
as people.


may allium

Allium schubertii almost ready to bloom