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LexPoMo 2021, Day 30

We’ve reached the end of Lexington Poetry Month, so here’s my wrap-up post. I wrote a poem all but two days, and double-posted several days when my schedule got a little nutty. All in all, I consider it a pretty successful poetry month.

You can access my LexPoMo poems here: https://lexpomo.com/poet/2021/2021-04-15-150103-jennifer-barricklow/

More than 2,700 poems have been posted at the time of this writing, and there are still a couple hours left! Check out the work of the 183 poets who took part this year at https://lexpomo.com/

Here’s the catfish featured in one of my later poems:


LexPoMo 2021, Day 20

We’ve reached the two-thirds mark in Lexington Poetry Month, so I thought I’d post again here on my own blog. I continue writing daily and posting at the LexPoMo site, and physical therapy has done wonders for my back.

You can still access my LexPoMo poems here: https://lexpomo.com/poet/2021/2021-04-15-150103-jennifer-barricklow/

Almost two thousand poems from two hundred eighty-three poets have been posted so far this year! https://lexpomo.com/

Here’s a cool orchid from an outdoor wedding we attended recently (our first post-pandemic event):

LexPoMo 2021, Day 10

We’ve reached the one-third mark in Lexington Poetry Month, so it’s about time I posted something here on my own blog. I’ve been writing daily and posting at the LexPoMo site, trying to meet an editing deadline, and nursing a nagging back injury that prevents me from sitting more than 20-60 minutes at a stretch (depending on the day).

You can access my LexPoMo poems here: https://lexpomo.com/poet/2021/2021-04-15-150103-jennifer-barricklow/

Two hundred eighty-two other poets are also posting, so I encourage you to read some of their work as well: https://lexpomo.com/

Finally, here is a photo of lovely Dutch irises that bloomed for the first time in my yard this year.

Day 30, LexPoMo 2020

lexpomo2018We’ve reached the final day of Lexington Poetry Month, and it feels bittersweet. I’m going to miss posting at the LexPoMo site, but it will also be nice not to feel so pressed to write and post. Since I only found time to read a handful of the more than 2,000 poems posted there this month, I plan to go back during July and give them the attention they deserve. That’s the truly sweet part about LexPoMo being over, now that I think about it.

Today’s poem was drawn from Stanley Kuntz’ “Halley’s Comet” and Stephen Burt’s discussion of it in The Poem is You, pp. 169-73.


Day 29, LexPoMo 2020

lexpomo2018I returned to Jo Bell and company’s 52 today and didn’t get past page 15. That’s okay; it’s all part of the work.



Day 28, LexPoMo 2020

lexpomo2018Sometimes I my brain scrambles what I hear and I have to cock my head and say, “Huh?” Such a moment inspired this poem.


Day 26, LexPoMo 2020

lexpomo2018Now that my ability to focus has returned somewhat, I’ve started chipping away at the many to-be-read piles around the house. Martine Leavitt’s Keturah and Lord Death was near to hand the other day, and some of her lovely prose lodged in the corners of my brain.


Day 25, LexPoMo 2020

lexpomo2018I carry a notebook with me at all times, and the back page is reserved for recording lines or phrases that catch my fancy, usually because they are strange. This poem developed from one such line.


Day 24, LexPoMo 2020

lexpomo2018I love ekphrastic poetry, especially writing it, so when I saw Adele Kenny’s prompt in my inbox this morning, I knew what I’d be writing today. Besides, who can resist Munch?



Day 23, LexPoMo 2020

lexpomo2018This poem is a riff on parts of the introduction to 52, a collection of poetry prompts put together by Jo Bell and a host of guest poets.