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A little behind as usual…

Four poems in a single post sounds like a lot, but they’re small so it’s not really.

(Sep 4)

chainsaws roar
wood chippers growl
so homeowners don’t have to hear
the weeping of trees

(Sep 5)

In one of those odd
slips of the mind, I saw
“boardroom” but read
“boredom” instead.

(Sep 6)

Ever the late bloomer

I just want to sit and read
or write or crochet now that my brain
has shaken off its pandemic

paralysis, but the world is back
at full throttle and I missed my chance
to savor the quiet unfolding

(Sep 7)

Outdoor poetry circle

Poets occupy the four corners
of the deck, safely distant
but close enough to hear
over the güiro of cicadas.


And now for the garden photo:

Hibiscus moscheutos ‘Blue River II’ reblooming!

Reading and writing

After many, many days of sleeping, hours of coughing, and two rounds of medication, I’m finally feeling human again. I read when the throbbing in my head permitted but didn’t do much writing. Thanks to the amazing author notes that accompany the poetry at Rattle, however, I was able to think about writing.

This poem was derived from the author notes with poems posted at Rattle on July 17, 19, and 22.

Poetry workshop in three stanzas

every day she writes
with a sharp pencil
on lined paper
in a notebook – like this one?

he often ruins poems
working them to death
he believes they are not lost
but find other, better makers

we lose stuff all the time –
pets, people, wallets, jobs
a good poem makes a sound
readers recognize as their own


blue river ii

Hibiscus moscheutos ‘Blue River II’ in my yard.


Late summer garden beauties

hibiscus in septFor the sake of arachno-squeamish readers, I’ve begun this post with a photo of my Hibiscus moscheutos — reblooming!

But the lovely lady pictured below made my whole summer when she appeared in the side yard last week. She’s an Argiope aurantia, commonly called a black and yellow garden spider, and the first I’ve ever had in my own yard. She’s somewhat small, only about an inch long in body, but I love that she’s out in her web during the day, which means I get to see her as I come and go.

argiope aurantia 2

(As I write this, I’ve been watching a Neoscona sp. outside the living room window. It’s overcast today and she’s repairing holes in her web in anticipation of better hunting this evening.)

Wishing you the joy of whatever is on display in the gardens around you!