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30 in 30, day six

Thanks to Diane Mathews for providing the prompt for today’s poem (which ended up a bit geeky), via Facebook.


sept 2017 30-30a fallen AT-AT
kneels in the mist at twilight
petrified camel



Actual haiku

(Though not necessarily good haiku.)

What is it about
a sleeping cat that makes me
feel so comforted?

(Inspired by my marmalardy lap warmer.)

More bad poetry: not-haiku

This is not haiku

There’s haiku and there’s lowku,
there’s yesku and there’s noku.
There’s inku and there’s outku,
there’s whisperku and shoutku.

There’s upku and there’s downku,
there’s squareku and there’s roundku,
helloku and farewellku,
heavenku and hellku.

There’s leftku and there’s rightku,
there’s darkku and there’s lightku.
But just between us twoku,
this poem’s just plain cuckoo!