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30 days hath September…

August wasn’t a total bust, writing-wise, but I didn’t set any records. I’ve decided it was a fallow period in which my brain rested from writing, though I did a fair amount of reading and tending to domestic matters.

September doesn’t belong to any special writing category that I know of, probably because it’s when a lot of people go back to school. But it is a 30-day month, and thus ripe for some kind of writing challenge. Indeed, a quick search turned up a boatload of September writing challenge prompts, as well as a number of generic 30-day writing challenges that fit.

In the spirit of those challenges, I’ve decided I want to write something each day this month, just to keep myself going. Work and family have demanded a lot of time of late, so I am composing in my head during small, stolen moments and trying to commit the results to memory until I can record them.

Here are the first three days’ efforts, followed by a photo from the garden.

(Sep 1)

This day has been too many
weeks long; this morning
I thought of a poem,
but now it’s gone.

(Sep 2)

Of time and timing

I have lost five poems
for every poem I’ve written
because they came to me
at inopportune moments.

(Sep 3)

Tired and frustrated,
I pen short poems that feel
like haiku but aren’t:
a new American form?

And now, the promised garden photo:

Sedum ‘Matrona’ with garlic chives. A bit of salvia ‘Black and Blue’ in the upper right, along with a couple of flies and a goldenrod soldier beetle (Chauliognathus pensylvanicus).

Found poetry: Isaiah 40 devotion

Life, work, and everything: when the universe gives you a time-out, it is best to pay attention. Here’s hoping I’ll soon catch up on my posting.

Isaiah tells it straight

The tongue of a teacher speaks truth:
a world mad with nonsense, everything solid melting –

interrupt the weary with hope, teach
the soul force of steadfast love, confront the brute

force of warring factions fearful of radical
hospitality, of justice, of mercy

Pray for the heart of faith, to stand against the wall
beside those who are stricken and insulted,

with a face like flint, without shame, knowing
vindication is near

Inspired by today’s God Pause devotion from Luther Seminary: http://www.luthersem.edu/godpause/default.aspx for Sept. 10, 2018

And for your viewing pleasure, this is from my garden: a great spangled fritillary (Speyeria cybele) on garlic chives (Allium tuberosum). This is a great reason not to spray your lawn with herbicides, by the way, because violets are the larval food of this butterfly. My lawn is full of violets, and my garden is full of butterflies. 🙂

great spangled fritillary on garlic chives