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Articles, interviews, etc. often turn into poems as I read. This isn’t a found poem in the proper sense, as I’ve modified the original text, but I did find it, in my own way.

The language of silence
(after Kate Gale)

we spend our nights
at the bottom of a well
lit by our own imaginations

we are sailing on a canoe
in the dark over the moon
to find the island of forgiveness

every poem is a prayer
to the universe
for not being perfect


Tete-a-tete daffodils from the yard

More found (prompt) poetry

Again I found inspiration in a journal prompt at Lightning Droplets:


Describe in one small detail the change in your life

Think of one very small change
that offers a window into this time:
a crayon drawing, seeds
you planted, a mountain
of toilet paper.

Write down whatever comes
to mind; leave nothing
out. How does this small
detail relate to everything
else in your world?

Show us the colors and textures
you notice when you look
closely. What is the history
behind this? What meaning
does it hold for you?

Tell us why you noticed
this change, what captured
your attention. Show us how
it connects to something
larger in your life.


may daffodils

April Queen daffodils, a lovely gift from my lovely daughter




Others may gripe
about the late spring
snow shower,  but I smile
because the flowers
are not fooled.