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LexPoMo: the sweetest summer fling

LexPoMo2016aToday marks the beginning of Lexington Poetry Month, a love affair with poetry that takes the local writing community by storm every June. People who’ve never written poetry sign up for the LexPoMo Challenge. People who haven’t looked at a poem since grade school go to public readings and open mic nights. It’s a heady madness that catches even bookstores, publishers, coffee shops, and bars in its sweep.

Still riding the momentum from April’s NaPoWriMo success, I’m more excited than ever about this year’s LexPoMo Challenge. For my primary prompt source, I’m using the June writing prompts from South Africa-base Writers Write. The prompt for today’s poem was “chewing gum.”

One-track mind

Chewing gum is more
problematic than it might seem:

what if I need to walk, or juggle
flaming batons, or perform

open heart surgery? Most people
should not be allowed to drive

while chewing gum.

(You can also find this poem on the LexPoMo page at Accents Publishing. You will not find the above logo there, however, as I created it myself. 🙂 )

Day twenty-nine poem, LexPoMo 2015

LPM2015-01-1024x768I am sad that this is the final day of Lexington Poetry Month. I posted this poem yesterday, the next-to-last day. There are so many other things I need to do today, but all I want to do is write poetry so I have something to post on this precious last day.

This poem arose from the amazing confluence of recent events and some articles on inspiring but painful transformations in institutions I hold dear. At such times, discomfort may be the one solid thing that anchors us.

Reblogged from the Lexington Poetry Month blog.

The only constant

How much like dying
this change seems –
the agony of cells’
reshaping, one tissue
expanded, another withered –
the loss! the loss! we weep
for that which is no more and writhe
with joy in the unfamiliar
thing we are becoming.

Day twenty-eight poem, LexPoMo 2015

LPM2015-01-1024x768This is a found poem inspired by words from Rosie Seymour’s final guest blog post for Mslexia, a wonderful U.K. publication for women who write.

Reblogged from the Lexington Poetry Month blog.

how slowly the world of publishing

Success seems so sudden
when you aren’t a part
of the process. Writers seem to
burst onto the scene
from nowhere and shoot
to great heights but they don’t.

They edge their way
in with this piece and that, testing
the water, slowly
a reputation, showing
they can nail
a brief and hit a deadline.

(found poetry: https://mslexia.co.uk/rosies-last-post/­)

Day twenty-two poem, LexPoMo 2015

LPM2015-01-1024x768This was inspired by a poem posted today as part of the Lexington Poetry Month challenge.

Reblogged from the Lexington Poetry Month blog.

(with thanks to Rudy Thomas)

another poet* reminds me I am far more
the poetry I have not written

an iceberg, whose mass lies most
unseen and fresh beneath

a sea cold enough to kill
but too dense to freeze

*“The Voice,” Rudy Thomas (http://www.accents-publishing.com/blog/2015/06/22/the-voice/)

Day two poem, Lex Po Mo 2015

LPM2015-01-1024x768I borrowed another prompt from my friend April; today it was “go.” Several meanings of the word came to mind, including that it is the numeral five in Japanese.

Reblogged from the Lexington Poetry Month blog.


five days have I come
down to water’s edge
and bowed, head touching
knees, so that the fifth
day I might begin

the long journey home

It’s here!

My copy of the 2014 Lexington Poetry Month anthology finally arrived yesterday! I’m delighted and honored to have one of my poems included in the collection (“Drafting,” p. 42). You can order your very own copy at http://accents-publishing.com/thiswretchedvessel.html or view individual poems at http://accents-publishing.com/blog/2015/02/08/lexpomo-2014-anthology-official-selections/.


Day eleven poem, LexPoMo 2014

LexPoMo2014-blog-pic02-1024x878It feels strange to post a day eleven poem on day twelve. I offer the following by way of explanation.


today I must write a lame poem
because I don’t have time to write
a bad poem — truly bad poetry
takes as much skill and effort as good
poetry — perhaps even more

Day one poem, LexPoMo 2014

LexPoMo2014-blog-pic02-1024x878Last week I signed up at Accent Publishing’s blog to be an official participant in the Lexington Poetry Month writing challenge. To wit, I pledged to write a poem a day during the month of June and post at least five of them to the writing challenge blog. Doing so will also allow my work to be considered for an anthology that will be published later this year.

This is the poem I wrote yesterday, the first day of the challenge. Today’s poem was about gout and is not likely to appear anywhere unless someone wants to publish it after I’m dead.


I promised to write
a poem every day
for a month —
thank heaven I did not
promise to write
good poems

Ekphrasis: Self Discovery

This is my response to a writing challenge prompt by Elizabeth Beck and John Lackey from the Accents Publishing blog. Accents Publishing is a wonderful independent press with a global literary presence and a commitment to the local writing and visual arts community.

within the very atoms of our bones
swirl the fires of creation and our flesh
smolders with the expanding
passion that gives birth to stars

luminous though our celestial bodies appear
to instrument and naked eye alike the greater
part of matter and energy remains
dark and unknowable