September successes

I did it! I wrote a poem every day during the month of September!

You’ll notice I didn’t post a poem for each day; in fact, I stopped posting after September 10. This was another success in that it led directly to the above-mentioned success. By letting go of posting, I freed myself from the double tyrannies of time and quality. More than once I crawled into bed and realized I hadn’t written that day, so I took a few moments to scrawl something in the back of my crossword book. This worked surprisingly well, because I found myself revising when I later transcribed those notes into my writing journal.

I didn’t produce much of great merit, but I learned valuable things about process. Many end-of-the-day scribbles captured poems that had formed in mind earlier and might otherwise have been lost. And because I periodically comb through my writing journal for inspiration, some of those phrases or ideas might yield something better down the road.

All in all, it was a good experience and one I plan to leverage come November, when I’ll piggy-back on the energy of NaNoWriMo to propel my own writing.

Happy October!

A ghost leaf (that’s what I call them) from the neighbor’s sweetgum tree.

4 responses to “September successes

  1. Yay! I agree that a month-long discipline, when you can swing it, takes you places. I hope November is as fruitful!

    • Thank you! Fingers crossed–November is looking less like an opportunity and more like a B-grade horror movie every day, but I’ll keep lurching along. Thank goodness the cosmos doesn’t depend on us to keep going! #smallblessings

  2. I Love Sweet Gums. Do you get the pods? They are cool..not sure I’d like having to rake them out of my yard but it makes me happy knowing that Sweet Gums are out there in the world, another form of ‘lily of the field’.

    • There was one in the yard of the house where I grew up, and it was the best climbing tree in the neighborhood. I don’t recall the spiky seed-things as particularly bothersome, but most people are pickier than I (or my family).

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