Under the comet

neowise from SBAToday C/2020 F3 (a.k.a. NEOWISE) is a mere 64 million miles from Earth on its way through the solar system. It can be seen (weather and light conditions permitting) in the northern hemisphere, though I haven’t been so fortunate. Photo courtesy of Susanna Barricklow-Arvin. (Thanks, cuz!)


I found this poem in a post by Jason Thayer on Brevity’s non-fiction blog. I wasn’t looking for a poem; I read the post intent on trying out the single-sentence prose form it describes. But the poem wouldn’t let me write anything else until I found it, like a toddler determined to play hide-and-seek regardless of the circumstances.

(after Jason Thayer)

in the morning I see our neighbor
swim her sadness, isolation
knowing hers alone

with loss comes communication
I could not stop wondering
what, how long, whether

there were days she didn’t look
across ill-defined property
the big dark house

walk past my window
if I linger too long
my eyes well




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