Anxious weather

It has been a lovely spring overall, though we’re about to get blasted with a late hard freeze certain to kill almost everything that has emerged. I feel so sad and powerless; I expect a cherished magnolia will die as a result, as it has already lost all leaves twice this spring to previous unseasonable hard freezes.

Meditation on my morning walk

‘Tis a grey day in May,
much colder than anyone
expects, with a hard freeze
predicted for the end
of the week. I long to throw
a blanket over the whole
yard, big enough to cover
even the mature ashes
with pinnate leaflets unfurling
tiny and chartreuse.


yellow irises 6may20

other likely victims of the impending freeze – naturally, this is the most blooms we’ve ever had on the yellow irises

4 responses to “Anxious weather

  1. Lovely! I hope some things survive the freeze!

    • Thanks. Me too, though it’s looking more bleak by the hour. Every time I check the forecast, the expected low drops a couple degrees. 😦

      • I hope it didn’t get too bad. I was pouting this morning because it was gloomy and drizzly, and then it got beautiful and I felt very spoiled. Happy Mother’s Day, Jennifer!

        • Thank you! The freeze was bad enough; I lost more plants/leaves/flowers than I care to list, but some things survived that I feared wouldn’t. I was pretty glum most of Saturday, but I let the family pamper me Sunday and felt a little better. I hope you had a good Mother’s Day as well. 🙂

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