Day twenty-three poem: LexPoMo 2017

LexPoMo2017I was away at a family wedding over the weekend and both my time and online access were limited. I managed to compose and post something each day on the Lexington Poetry Month blog, but other than that was off the grid.

This was another exercise from The Daily Poet.

Reblogged from the Lexington Poetry Month blog.

Money changes everything

The local natives gave Peter Minuit the island
of Manhattan in exchange
for some hatchets, cloth, and beads with the approximate
value of one and a half pounds of silver.

In 1690, the first paper money
in the history of Western civilization
was issued by the Massachusetts Bay Company.

President Andrew Jackson purchased
the Louisiana Territory (828,000 square miles)
for three cents an acre.

The material value of a 1982 penny is two
and a half times it’s face value.


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