Day 25, NaPoWriMo 2017

napo2017button1This week’s assignment for poetry class was to write a poem around the premise, “You crack me up with all this truth.” I riffed on the two words that jumped out at me, crack and truth.

Of truth and crack


Truth is like crack: the pure stuff
will set you free
but the stuff that’s been cut
with this or that
will really mess you up.


Truth cracks us over
the head like a two-by-four
– which is how the universe gets
our attention when metaphor
isn’t enough.


Truth continues to seep through
the cracks no matter how well we think
we have insulated ourselves.


Truth is the temblor that cracks
the foundation of every human


The china dolls say: If you tell us
the truth we may crack up; we prefer
the alternative.


5 responses to “Day 25, NaPoWriMo 2017

  1. I’m fond of 2. Not sure about two-by-four, but it rhymes so nicely.

  2. You got me at the end with the china dolls, of course! Excellent! I hope the whole month was productive for you!

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