Holiday post: Angel bell

As sometimes happens, I’ve been caught up in the activities of the season, the most recent of which was decorating. We spread our holiday decorating over the four weeks of Advent, so the final Sunday is very festive indeed. Part of the fun of decorating the tree is telling the stories of the ornaments, where each came from and what memories we associate with it.


This little ceramic bell is one of three that hung on the trees of my childhood as far back as I can recall. I have two siblings (both sisters) so our things tended to occur in batches of three. I don’t remember how it came to us, but it seemed old to me even as a child, so I suspect it may have come from the household of a great (grandparents or aunt and uncle). It makes a sweet sound and remains one of my favorite ornaments from childhood.


6 responses to “Holiday post: Angel bell

  1. Christmas decorations that hold memories are the best kind. Merry Christmas, Jennifer…

  2. I, too, treasure the angels! I also love our santas, that are reminiscent of a time gone by! Love ya sis! -Juju

  3. I hope your holiday was wonderful, Jennifer! I love Advent! Actually, the whole church calendar is enjoyable to me as a way to put a spiritual grid upon the season.

    • Thanks, Carla! I find it makes a big difference in my mental and spiritual health to be tuned in to other ways of experiencing time. It gives me a way to step off the roller coaster of secular life. Thank you for reading, and happy Groundhogs Day/Candlemass/Imbolc! 🙂

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