Prompted poetry: prepare

You may notice that I posted a poem last year using the same prompt. That’s because it comes from essentially the same source: the seasonal social media event known as #blogElul.

We are not quite the same people when we pass the same date on the calendar each year, and I am thankful for spiritual practices that help me contemplate and celebrate that. (And yes, I am posting this a few days behind. I’m glad you noticed!)

Road improvements

Prepare the royal highway!
Raise up the low and bring down
the high-and-mighty. Soften
curves and widen the shoulders

so no one goes off into a ditch.
Clear boulders and fence posts
from the right-of-way and plant
wildflowers and lithe

grasses to gladden the eye
and sweeten the air. Let the way
be wide, the arms of the Holy One
outstretched to receive us all.


2 responses to “Prompted poetry: prepare

  1. Lovely! And you are so right that we aren’t the same people when the same date rolls around again. Last year I was doing the Tupelo 30/30 and this year I can’t string a line of poetry together.

    • Exactly. The seasons of our lives intersect with the seasons of the year and other cycles in such complex ways. I think that’s why we tend to characterize time as linear: seeing the patterns requires a much longer view than we are accustomed to taking. Thanks for commenting! 🙂 (And don’t worry – a great deal of poetry is germinating within you during this fallow time. Trust those mysterious unseen processes to do their miraculous work.)

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