Day nine poem: LexPoMo

LexPoMo2016aYesterday’s prompt (computer bag) tumbled around in my head all day without much result. (Hence no post.) But when I tossed today’s prompt (drop dead) into the mix, the two stuck together in a weird way that caught my fancy.

Reblogged from the Lexington Poetry Month blog.

Color saturation

The computer bag drops dead
in the center of the room. The lizard man
who brought it here is tired; there are dark
scales under his eyes. He doesn’t quite blend
with the wallpaper, a cartoonish crazy
quilt of flowers in shocking hues.

No wonder he is tired.

4 responses to “Day nine poem: LexPoMo

  1. I love how you’re always finding ways to keep yourself writing! You are inspiring me.

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