LexPoMo: the sweetest summer fling

LexPoMo2016aToday marks the beginning of Lexington Poetry Month, a love affair with poetry that takes the local writing community by storm every June. People who’ve never written poetry sign up for the LexPoMo Challenge. People who haven’t looked at a poem since grade school go to public readings and open mic nights. It’s a heady madness that catches even bookstores, publishers, coffee shops, and bars in its sweep.

Still riding the momentum from April’s NaPoWriMo success, I’m more excited than ever about this year’s LexPoMo Challenge. For my primary prompt source, I’m using the June writing prompts from South Africa-base Writers Write. The prompt for today’s poem was “chewing gum.”

One-track mind

Chewing gum is more
problematic than it might seem:

what if I need to walk, or juggle
flaming batons, or perform

open heart surgery? Most people
should not be allowed to drive

while chewing gum.

(You can also find this poem on the LexPoMo page at Accents Publishing. You will not find the above logo there, however, as I created it myself. 🙂 )


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