Prompted poetry: four of summer

This is a typically lovely image from a beautifully realized and truly magical deck. A whole host of ideas and poems presented themselves when I saw it. Here is one of the better efforts.

on the pond’s mossy bank
I watch dragonflies
rise from predatory depths to shed

their nymph bodies caught in the surface
tension, trading gills for wings
and viscous water for liquid sky


2 responses to “Prompted poetry: four of summer

  1. I wonder if you went for a deliberately haiku-like style to this one? There’s certainly an element of that form about the technique behind the poem, a sparse yet evocative description and a sense of interaction between speaker and environment. I’m a little envious of those who can respond to prompts like you have, my muse rarely works that way!

    • Deliberately, no, but I think there was some unconscious haiku influence at work here. Very astute of you; I wasn’t really aware of it until I thought about your comment. And the whole prompt thing is for me a matter of practice (no surprise there), which I truly don’t do enough. An awful lot of the time I draw a complete blank, though I often find that something will result if I let the prompt compost a bit. (Hence the name of my blog.) Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

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