NaPoWriMo, Day 3

NaPoWriMo 2016glopo2016button1I popped over to the NaPoWriMo site and found 1) they have made their official logo available for participants to use on their own blogs; and 2) someone came up with the brilliant idea of calling it Global Poetry Writing Month (GloPoWriMo), as people from all over the world are taking part, thanks to the marvels of the internet. I’m going to stick with my own cheesy NaPoWriMo banner because I think the tackiness suits me, but I’ll also display the official GloPoWriMo to welcome and celebrate all the international folks who stop by.

Today’s poetry prompt was the King of Pentacles from Juliet Sharman-Burke’s Beginner’s Guide to Tarot. I couldn’t find an image on the web, so I’ll be interested to know how the poem stands on its own. (Corn is used in the British sense that refers to cereal grain rather than the American sense that refers to maize.)

Harvest time

in my garden, I am king
the fruit-laden vines bow to me
the yellowing leaves dance before me
the corn bends its heavy head to me

in my garden, I am king
the rocks my throne
the five senses my body servants
and the rolling world my carriage



3 responses to “NaPoWriMo, Day 3

  1. I like your banner! Not cheesy. All best for NaPoWriMo, an ambitious project!

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