Prompted poetry: who are you?

When I saw this prompt, I was reminded of a blog post I saw last week at Tarot by Tina. Each week, Tina, herself a writer, draws a card to interpret from a writer’s perspective.


The Queen of Swords

proclaims your creature
self to be mind as well as brain: remember
that squiggly organ is more than
the body’s maestro, and thought
greater than the sum of firing neurons

she decrees that your intellect serves
your whole person, a loyal retainer
vital as her own chief counselor
and as powerful, because you are
who you think you are

so who do you think you are?


5 responses to “Prompted poetry: who are you?

  1. I love this idea. I’ve done this before but have never gotten through a full deck. Also the different variety of Tarot decks could lead to some really interesting and diverse poems.

  2. Hah, that is a good question! Seriously, this is such a cool idea–I love it.

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