My, Grandmother, what lovely stockings you have!

A few years ago, I wrote about my affection for large spiders (which I call Grandmother Spiders) and how delighted I am that a number of them see fit to hang out around my house every fall. I thought that being a Neoscona haven was pretty cool, but this year I found an amazing lady outside my window who has me in seventh heaven: Araneus marmoreus, also known as a marbled orbweaver.

araneus croppedAs my photographic skills hardly do her justice, let me describe her: her body and upper legs are bright orange, with black and white stripes at the ends of her legs, like stockings. She has a ridiculously large, very round abdomen, cheery yellow in color with elaborate dark brown markings. Between her vivid coloring and the size and shape of her abdomen, she looks more like some artist’s caricature of a spider, made from a large marble and glass beads on wire.

spider 1Early mornings, I’ve been privileged to watch her repair her web from the night’s hunting before she retreats to a modest shelter of leaves and silk she constructed at the top of the window. Most evenings I find her hanging in the center of the web, as pictured here. (The lighting at these times of day also accounts in part for the photographic mediocrity.)

So now I can check another really cool giant spider off my life list (which I didn’t know I had until she showed up at my window. Thank you, Grandmother!)


5 responses to “My, Grandmother, what lovely stockings you have!

  1. I love spiders too – they are fascinating, there’s such a large variety, and they are gentle insects that take care of other, more pesky insects. 🙂 I used to have pet tarantulas, but my husband’s not THAT comfortable with spiders… yet!

    • Because I haven’t always been a fan myself, I try to be gentle with those who have a low tolerance for all things spider. Even if your husband isn’t okay with large pet spiders in the house, Mother Nature has a steady supply of wild ones. May some eight-legged beauty take up residence where you can watch and enjoy her!. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

      • I know what you mean – I was afraid of spiders as a child, until my dad bought me a pet tarantula… he soon realized that he’d created a monster. 😉 We have spiders in nearly every room, doing their own thing and staying out of our cats’ reaches, and being enjoyed by us both… that’s our happy medium. 🙂

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