Day twenty-nine poem, LexPoMo 2015

LPM2015-01-1024x768I am sad that this is the final day of Lexington Poetry Month. I posted this poem yesterday, the next-to-last day. There are so many other things I need to do today, but all I want to do is write poetry so I have something to post on this precious last day.

This poem arose from the amazing confluence of recent events and some articles on inspiring but painful transformations in institutions I hold dear. At such times, discomfort may be the one solid thing that anchors us.

Reblogged from the Lexington Poetry Month blog.

The only constant

How much like dying
this change seems –
the agony of cells’
reshaping, one tissue
expanded, another withered –
the loss! the loss! we weep
for that which is no more and writhe
with joy in the unfamiliar
thing we are becoming.


2 responses to “Day twenty-nine poem, LexPoMo 2015

  1. Oh, it’s the end already…? :/

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