Prompted poetry: broken

When I was a young production editor, I fretted over the minute errors that inevitably show up in even the most thoroughly proofed text. One wise author told me certain cultures traditionally held that flaws in one’s handiwork were openings through which the spirit entered. Something that might be seen as imperfection could instead be seen as an invitation to the sacred.

Better than new

over time we found
it was not so bad to be broken

some times the mended places were stronger
and some times they opened us

to one another, to life, to depths
of pain and joy that perfect wholeness

did not experience – in this we followed
the example of the One Who saw

in brokenness the best way
to heal the world




4 responses to “Prompted poetry: broken

  1. Beautiful and profound. I remember reading about a tribe of AmerIndian women who could weave beautiful blankets of complex geometric designs. They always made sure of at least one flaw in the design for the same reasons you have alluded to in your poem.

    • Yes, exactly. Some traditions practice intentional flaw as an antidote to arrogance (no one is perfect but God), a notion that I both understand and see need for, but the idea of the intentional flaw as a gateway for the sacred captivates me. It reminds me that work is a sacred calling and that I am called to be humble in doing that work.

  2. I love this!!! Sharing on my FB page.

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