Prompted poetry: follow

Thank goodness for the recursive nature of these forty days, for the promise of turning and returning that will eventually lead me t0, as the song says, “come ’round right.”

Circle game

In the video are a cat, a turtle, and a pillar. The quicker
cat comes up unseen behind the turtle, often
unable to resist patting it on the carapace before leaping
back to the far side of the pillar. The turtle turns, catches
a glimpse of tail, and strides after it with purpose. Round and round
they go, sometimes completely circling the pillar before
the cat taps the turtle and the game reverses.

I likewise ponderously pursue something so far
beyond me that I only perceive it from the corner
of my eye. Sometimes I feel its feather touch on the hard shell
I carry and change direction in my desire to move
always toward whatever wondrous mystery it is
that seems at the same time to be chasing me.




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