Prompted poetry: witness

Some days are busier than others and the poetry piles up in my head but I don’t have a chance to write it down. Most times I lose it, but this one just stuck there until this morning.


I can truly say I never saw it coming, the bolt of light that dropped
me blind into the dust, ears ringing with the roar. Stunned speechless
and bewildered, my companions led me into the city where I sat
three days in darkness with the sound of that thunder rolling
in my head so I could not eat or drink or talk. The household moved
about in hushed tones, fearful – who could blame them?

At last a man came to me, touched my arm to let me know
he was there before placing a warm hand on my shoulder. His voice was gentle;
he called me brother and something fell from my eyes. Vision returned and I saw
my enemy had healed me. My life was never the same.




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