Prompted poetry: seed

I have one quibble with this list of Lenten prompts: it includes Sundays, which is confusing, if not downright misleading. Sundays that fall during the season of Lent are in Lent but not of Lent – they are not included in the 40 day count leading up to Easter. In recognition of that, I did not write a poem today. But I will post the poem I wrote yesterday, which was the fourth day of Lent.

The parable of the sower

these words fall on my heart
seed on snow in deepest
winter and the birds fall in turn
upon them, ravenous and puffed for warmth

mice tunnel beneath the icy crust
venture the garden to find
what seed that might escape
the flurry of feathers

come spring, thistle and sunflower
and millet and safflower spring unbidden
marking the spot where in winter
good news fell




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