Prompted poetry: dust

Several mission territories of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America have created a photo-a-day event to mark the Lenten season, which begins today, Ash Wednesday. I’ve decided that my Lenten discipline this year will be to use the prompts to write a poem each day.

Lent Begins

today I will give up
shame over my inadequate
housekeeping and see instead
my home dusted in grace, its corners
draped with filaments of mercy



8 responses to “Prompted poetry: dust

  1. That will be quite a challenge, but I’m sure you can do it! I’ve given up coffee. 😉

  2. Ha ha! I couldn’t sleep properly and realised my daily cups of coffee was probably the culprit… I was right and now I’m sleeping like a baby! So it’s for selfish reasons really rather than anything to do with lent I suppose 😉

    • I think Lent is wonderful because it gives me just enough boost to get over my resistance to doing something I should. God knows I sometimes need a kick in the seat, and the church graciously provides at least one a year. 😉

  3. And I raise my own cup (of tea) to more good nights’ sleep! [now I need a little icon with a steaming cup of tea]

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