Moon poem: Full Wolf Moon 2015

The Quinnipiac is one of several tidal rivers that empty into Long Island Sound through Connecticut, whose name is derived from the Algonquian and means “land of the great tidal river.”

Wolf Moon on the Quinnipiac

the moon of cold bears down
hard upon us now, veiled in ice
crystal clouds, high and thin
above the crackling earth

and the Veil itself is thin
tonight and brittle as the rimy
shelf that marks the high
water line when the tide

has drawn its briny lifeblood
seaward, cold but not so cold
as we whose souls rise
steaming into the darkness


6 responses to “Moon poem: Full Wolf Moon 2015

  1. I esp like the last 3 lines. Brr

  2. Fabulous. “whose souls rise steaming into darkness” Makes the whole poem.

  3. Love that briny lifeblood!

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