Day ten poem, LexPoMo 2014

LexPoMo2014-blog-pic02-1024x878Reblogged from the Lexington Poetry Month blog.


She sits at the table, hands wrapped around fresh
coffee. Her fingers trace out of habit
the large red heart on the mug. Yesterday’s news
lies open to the amusements
page, a shared morning ritual now
suddenly solitary. She has finished
the crossword and scramble, laughed
too loud at the comics, clucked amazement
at Dear Abby. All that remains
are the horoscopes. Beneath her husband’s sun
sign she reads, “Your challenge is to explore
the freedom of commitment.” With a sharp
bark of laughter, she lowers the mug and draws the waiting
pile of divorce papers across the table.

2 responses to “Day ten poem, LexPoMo 2014

  1. A lot to think about in this one, I like it.

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