Others may gripe
about the late spring
snow shower,  but I smile
because the flowers
are not fooled.



13 responses to “Sprung

  1. Lovely! We experienced the end of that snow shower – about half a millimeter of snow.

    • For a brief period yesterday, we even had white-out conditions — I thought the windows were fogged over! But it really only stuck to the grass. Made for slushy walking in the parking lots, but I like the way a little snow brightens up the dull brown of mulch and dormant grass and makes the color of the early spring flowers even more vivid. May the sun quickly melt away your half mm, as it’s done ours! 🙂

      • I think our snow evaporated in a matter of minutes! All winter we only had one day of snow (maybe 2 or 3 inches) which turned to slush by the afternoon. The kids certainly made the most of it. Then it melted and everything looked dirty again.
        How are you Jennifer? Are you busy with work? I got another writing gig! Writing blog posts for a videographer and revising his content. He’s passionate about film, but compiling blog posts (luckily for me) bores him completely. :0)

        • Congratulations on the new gig! It sounds like fun, and a good match all around. I haven’t been terribly busy with work lately, but that’s just as well as there have been some family matters that needed tending. Those are the days I’m glad to have so much flexibility in my work.

        • I hope you’re OK. We have a few bits of drama with our extended family at the moment. It doesn’t involve us, but it’s a little stressful.
          I’m enjoying the new gig and earning some cash for the first time since I left work before the kids arrived feels amazing! :0)

        • I’m well — thank you for asking. 🙂 I’ve been helping my mom, who lives in another state, with some health issues, so I’ve been away from home and offline more than usual. I can certainly relate to the ways in which family drama creates stress, even at a distance. (Sometimes that makes it all the worse.) I hope you’ll do a little something special for yourself with a bit of that cash. If I were in range, I’d take you to lunch to celebrate!

        • Aww you’re very sweet. Thank you! I bought two new tyres for my car! Not quite what you envisaged. :0)
          My parents live a good distance from me. I wish I was closer. It can be frustrating sometimes. I hope your mum’s health improves. I’m sure she’s appreciative of your help.

        • Hey, auto parts can be special, particularly when you need them. You’ll always remember how you got them. 😉

        • That’s true lol! Take it easy :0)

  2. I really like the visual text arrangement! And my girls LOVED those white out conditions yesterday.

    • The text arrangement was a happy accident — after I added the photos, the poem looked silly flush left, so I centered it, et voila! (I probably couldn’t have made that work if I’d tried.) It was a bit magical to look out the window and see NOTHING but the nearest falling flakes. I’m glad I wasn’t driving — that would not have been at all enchanting.

  3. Nancy DuBrule-Clemente

    Snow today in CT. I couldn’t agree with you more. The flowers AND the birds aren’t fooled at all. But humans, we take it pretty hard. 🙂

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