MLK Day celebration

If you thought I might have dropped off a cliff in November, you didn’t miss the mark by much. I had a major project due in early December and another in mid-January, which was truly horrible timing, what with all the folderol and family drama of the holidays. I’ve had neither time nor brain cells to devote to much else, but now that both the projects and the holidays are behind me, I hope to return in some degree to my former life. This is a photo post (even though I am a poor photographer) but I consider it a step back toward blogging and the other things I was doing two months ago.

When my children were very young, we began a tradition of celebrating Dr. King’s birthday like he was a member of the family. We would bake and decorate a cake, put candles on it, and sing “Happy Birthday” to him.

mkl2Every year we try to find a different variation of the chocolate-and-vanilla theme, and this year we decided to go with a brownie/blondie combination.

mlk3mlk1mlk4They were delicious and we had fun making them together. We’ve already started talking about what we’ll do for next year.

mlk5mkl6Happy birthday, Dr. King! And may we continue to celebrate your vision for many years to come!


2 responses to “MLK Day celebration

  1. I made these with my family–I was absolutely the coolest dad for almost an entire day.

    • That’s fantastic! I’m chiefly known as the wierdest parent, with what I choose to interpret as grudging affection. Cool is a country to which I’ve never been…maybe next year’s MLK birthday dessert will be my ticket.

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