Riff poetry: Daisies

This may be more of an echo than a riff, as much of the wording matches that of the poem that inspired it, Roxi St. Clair’s “Pushing Up Daisies.” Please visit her site to read her original poem. I give Roxi full credit for the word choice here; I merely tinkered with the arrangement. I especially love her use of the word “ogham.”


I lie beneath the weather
beaten and faded
with each season passing nobody
knows me but I
know every time footsteps sound
above my joy
trembles with yearning for this
glimpse of presence

enclosed my spirit loses
the meaning of its blossoming
in this dark place as roots
till the soil I no longer stir
to mimic life

on rainy days you can smell the wet
earth where I live when clouds sob
tears of spring and butterflies
spread sail upon the breeze

I remember the Milky Way
aglow in the heavens and Heaven
too a place that aches with meeting
and parting you can lose
time in a place like that for we dance
briefly on the edge of life like water
drops on the tip of a leaf

but here roots grow die shrivel root
again like fingers marking
the passage of time in oghams
of earth and bone I read in solitude
seasons of seed sprout
bud blossom for you to pluck
their beauty and carry
me through the years


2 responses to “Riff poetry: Daisies

  1. I am glad you enjoyed my poem and found some inspiration in it 🙂 I enjoyed yours as well!

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