Found poetry: proof of artificial intelligence?

The following appeared in my spam filter exactly as you see it except for a couple corrections to spelling and capitalization. The line and stanza breaks are also original, as is the title. It’s not particularly good, but the line breaks and some of the syntax suggested poetry to me. Since this kind of thing is auto-generated, it makes me wonder if there’s a spambot out there somewhere developing a poetic sensibility of sorts…

Brilliant Some Ideas

Not to scare you but you already contain chemicals within your very DNA that’ll
under the right circumstances and you’d perish terribly without
them. It is termed phosphorus. Additionally you contain
an exploding material and a very deadly gasoline.
That could be sodium and chlorine. Together they make salt.
Which can be what helps to keep you hydrated and helps electrical signals in your system (naturally too much of something can eliminate you) and you’ve however other more terrifying substances in you

Low-voltage outdoor lighting methods are inexpensive to work,
easy to install, safe and movable. Outside lighting additionally deters
crime, and makes jogging through your garden safer during the night.

You have taken out all of the stops to generate your
property and seem first-rate. So why let that hard work vanish at nightfall when,
with a flick off the transition and some smartly put
landscape lights, you can roll-back the night and set it all on display?
Completed right, landscape lighting makes the top of everything you have got by highlighting your home’s architectural functions and drawing
attention to revered plantings and trees.


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