Prompted poetry: Write at the Merge week 38

I missed the deadline for submitting this poem to be part of the weekly collection of blog posts at Write on Edge, but decided to post it on my blog anyway. The prompt was a photo and a Sylvia Plath quote; click here to see both.

Inclination to equinox

summer light slowly tilts
toward autumn not yet born
canning jars suspended on fence
pickets collect slow-witted flies
who rattle in blue-green heat until spent
then drop out to lie
dazed and dusty by the road

(22sep13 update: I changed the title of the poem from “Toward the equinox.” I just realized I use the word “toward” in the second line, and that kind of repetition doesn’t work in a poem this short. Just goes to show how difficult — i.e. impossible — it is to edit your own work. Hire an editor, people!)


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