(I’ve been away from writing and posting for several days because my mom had knee replacement surgery and my sisters and I provided round-the-clock tag-team coverage during her hospital stay. The surgery went well and she’s pretty much back to her ornery self, all the more so because PT makes her cranky.)

This poem was inspired by/lifted from Rob Brezsny, who is my favorite astrologist because he makes his recommendations with such creative flair. I often clip his columns to use as writing prompts, and this came from an old column I found while cleaning.

Aries, 15 November 2007

I love it when you forget
your troubles and become lost
thinking about the problems
of your friends.

I love it when you focus
entirely on the heat rising
from a cup of coffee or the sunlight
reflected in a puddle or the mysterious
expression that graces
the face of a stranger.

I love it when you prove
how much you love being
here, now, by turning your attention
onto every little thing
outside yourself.

When I first drafted this, I didn’t have terminal punctuation at the end of each stanza. I not sure whether I like it this way or not. What do you think?


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