Found poetry: from the library

One of the many things I enjoyed about working at publishing houses was reading Publisher’s Weekly, which made the rounds through the office each week. I always wanted to make poems out of the lists of new titles, but that wasn’t what I was being paid for so I never did.

The lines for this poem came from titles on the large print shelves at my local branch library. I haven’t modified them, though I did run a few together, just for fun.


the bone garden twice loved
the house of women
one true place beyond compare

the secret between us
the tarnished eye kissed by shadows
savage vision falling together

once upon a river of fire
Sonoma rose above suspicion
diving in the dark celebration

miles to go wicked all day
maybe this time the blessed exact revenge
the traveling kind


4 responses to “Found poetry: from the library

    • Thanks. I’m not sure how well the whole thing hangs together. I was determined to use all the titles I wrote down and must have reworked it a dozen times or more before I settled on this version. At least I had fun doing it. 🙂

  1. Fun is what matters, right? If it’s not enjoyable, why do it?

    And this poem is lovely – thanks so much for sharing.

    • I’ve certainly had a lot of fun writing poetry of late. I guess that means I’ll continue (loud groaning from the peanut gallery notwithstanding).

      I’m very glad you stopped by and took the time to comment — thank you! 🙂

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