Off-the-cuff poetry

I’ve been taking a poetry writing class, which is in part why I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been reading and writing and going to class, and that hasn’t left me time to tend the blog. (Sorry!)

One of the class assignments is to respond to daily prompts. Because of my schedule, these tend to be dashed off in half an hour or so, which has been very fun and freeing. It doesn’t necessarily lend itself to great poetry, but it most certainly is great practice.

Here’s what I wrote in response to the prompt “perfect”:

Pitch perfect

the mitt rests against his thigh
throwing arm loose at his side
he lowers his head, blocks the batter
with the bill of his cap
signals flash between the catcher’s knees until
he looks away and brings
the mitt to his chest
his fingers find the seams, wrap
around the ball as he goes
into his motion and delivers
the perfect pitch


(By the way, spring begins in only TEN DAYS with the four most beautiful words in the English language: “Pitchers and catchers report.”)


5 responses to “Off-the-cuff poetry

  1. I catch your enthusiasm for the game! Great poem. You do well off the cuff. Blessings to you, Jennifer…

  2. We love baseball, do we? 😉 Hope your favorite team wins! Mine won’t. They never do. (I should think more positively? Perhaps?) Great poem…wonderful visual!

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