More bad poetry: not-haiku

This is not haiku

There’s haiku and there’s lowku,
there’s yesku and there’s noku.
There’s inku and there’s outku,
there’s whisperku and shoutku.

There’s upku and there’s downku,
there’s squareku and there’s roundku,
helloku and farewellku,
heavenku and hellku.

There’s leftku and there’s rightku,
there’s darkku and there’s lightku.
But just between us twoku,
this poem’s just plain cuckoo!


7 responses to “More bad poetry: not-haiku

  1. Feelin’ a mite silly today, are we? I needed that! It has been a rough week! 🙂

    • Come on! Jump in! This is so easy to do — whip off a few stanzas of your own, or take the whole idea and run wild with it. You don’t even have to post it; the simple act of WRITING bad poetry is good for the soul. Have a better weekend, my dear. 🙂

  2. This is SO cute! Thanks for the fun of it. Blessings to you…

  3. This totally made me smile. THANK YOU!! I just got home after driving the kids back from a swim meet. The roads are dark and blasted with snow at the moment – we all drove in the middle of the highway! And then I came home to read this – exactly what I needed to calm my nerves.

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