Dream of the Black Dog

Dream of the Black Dog

the black dog and I walk
side by side in the road
he likes the silver in my hair
I protest but he flings
his hindquarters in the air and walks
upside down on his forepaws
I laugh and he staggers
but I catch him
together we waltz down the street
wobbly soulmates
in a yin/yang circus act

The black dog can represent many things: faithful companionship, the patient presence of depression, the masculine aspect of the self (animus), instincts and animal urges, even death. In this dream it was my soul mate and it made me laugh. (Which doesn’t rule out the other meanings, incidentally.)


4 responses to “Dream of the Black Dog

  1. The black dog also can represent your life partner

  2. Oooh intriguing, I’ve never had a dream about a black dog before, a big black bear several times, but never a black dog. Really enjoyed your poem too!

    • I can’t recall ever dreaming about a dog of any kind before this — and I’m certain I’ve never dreamed about a bear! (I expect that would sort of stick in the memory.) This particular dream was fun and silly, and I had fun writing about it. I’m glad you liked the poem. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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