The best fireworks

On the way back from Cincinnati last night, we were treated to terrific light show. For the entire drive of more than an hour, the sky lit up in a spectacular lightning display. We weren’t in rain most of the way and had a clear view of each strike: lightning really does move from the ground up.

Every few minutes, a column of light snaked up from the ground. When it reached the clouds, the bolt scattered, combing through the clouds with glowing fingers. Sometimes the countryside was illuminated like broad daylight; other times it was simply blinding, though only for a split second, thank goodness.

But as amazing as the light show had been, the best thing by far was driving into steady, soaking rain for the last twenty miles. No one minded getting wet one bit.


2 responses to “The best fireworks

  1. Beautiful!! My favorite light shows too, especially when accompanied by rain and NOT fire as a result! We needed it so bad. I used to be enthralled by storms rolling through but took them for granted. I watch waves of storms moving through the country with true thankfulness these days…the rain is needed and scarce. And I pray that everyone gets some, and enough. Thanks for the post!!!

    • I’m afraid my description is pretty anemic. The experience was really quite astounding, and I don’t know that I conveyed that very well. I was delighted to have such a long view — it’s not very often that I get to study a storm from dozens of miles away and for such a long time. I was driving, so I didn’t get to watch as closely as I might have otherwise, but it was still fascinating and awe-inspiring.
      I was a little worried when I’d driven quite a ways and hadn’t seen evidence of rain, so it was a great relief to finally drive into it, even though it obscured my view of the light show. Thanks for commenting!

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