Blue (a list poem)


sky water periwinkle
moody robin’s egg midnight
navy cerulean topaz
turquoise deep sea
aristocratic azure blood
teal peacock bachelor’s button
alkaline litmus forget-me-not
sad ultramarine woad
royal flax balls
cool colonial slate
into the out of the Wedgewood
morning glory sapphire
indecent cyan bells
berries in the face
puritanical indigo laws
melancholy fish bonnets
Prussian wild yonder
powder stocking steel
cobalt lapis lazuli
aquamarine print collar
bottle once in a moon


6 responses to “Blue (a list poem)

  1. I love blue! Blessings to you, Jennifer…

  2. a cuppa in the garden? 🙂

  3. I love blue, too! …Prussian wild yonder… very fitting for me. I’m most likely of Prussian descent since Germany wasn’t called Germany until after my ancesters had all emigrated to the U.S. Wild? Perhaps! And yonder – yes, way out here on the west coast!

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