I’m back in civilization after a week in the woods with my daughter’s confirmation class (and about 70 other confirmation kids from a dozen congregations). It was peaceful to be off the grid; it was heaven not to have to plan and prepare meals, though I did help with setup and cleanup several times. Because I was a last-minute substitution (our youth minister’s mother had surgery two days before camp began), I had very few responsibilities, so a good chunk of time was at my disposal almost every day.

I put that time to fairly good use. I finished reading a novel I had begun weeks before, and then devoured three more novels I’d brought along. For those keeping score at home, that’s more novels than I read in the twelve preceding months. (I’m so far behind in my reading that it’s statistically unlikely I will live long enough to read all the books in my possession right now – never mind any list I might have.)

All that reading made me realize that I need a new prescription for my glasses. To rest my eyes between bouts of reading, I wrote. I drafted a couple new poems, recorded a few dreams, explored plot ideas that came out of those dreams, and reworked a poem I found when I flipped back through my journal. I was able to write every day, and it was wonderful.

I’m trying to figure out how I can wangle an invitation to camp again next year.


5 responses to “Camp

  1. I propose you have Camp Jennifer for one hour per day, every day.:-) And no one disturbs you, upon pain of death. Your SO must agree to help keep the troops at bay during the cease fire. So glad you had this time for yourself. So glad you wrote!!!!

    • I’ve toyed with variations on this idea (one whole day a month, one week a year) for an while now. I’m afraid no one in my life is committed enough to my writing to make that happen (including me) but it’s still a goal worth working toward. I really appreciate the suggestion and the thoughtfulness behind it. 🙂

      • If I lived closer and had any sense at all about taking care of a couple of kids and a household, I’d be child-sitting for you. {{hugs}} But the thought is there!?

  2. It’s a pleasure to get away from the routines of life and read books. Blessings to you, Jennifer…

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