Enough today (a draft)

(first draft of a poem written at the park)

Enough today

to sit beneath giant oaks
steady breeze laced
with chlorine and cut grass

the burr of a diving board
the thwok of tennis balls
punctuate the distant white noise of mowers

middle-aged men grunt on the basketball court
testosterone sounds
the whir and clatter of teenage bravado
at the skate park

a brace of au pairs at the playground
complain about their charges, compare notes on their employers
in loud German
confident that no one around will understand

a college girl sunbathes on a blanket, oblivious
while adolescent boys with smart phones photograph
the round symmetry of her bikinied buttocks


4 responses to “Enough today (a draft)

  1. My heart sinks as I see you are approaching the beginning of the alphabet. 😦 Of course, that feeling of impending doom in no way diminishes my appreciation of your poetry! 🙂 Loved the last stanza. What a mind picture!

    • The good news is that I’ve gotten into some pretty good writing and blogging habits, and I’ve found the alphabet thing so helpful that I’ll probably continue to make informal use of it in some way.

      The rest of the poem was written while I sat at a picnic table in the shade, just soaking in the day. I saw the scenario in that last stanza as I was leaving the park, so I wrote that stanza at home. I think it’s actually the only part worth saving. Maybe I’ll find a way to reuse it in another poem. 🙂

  2. Thinking of sounds, yes, especially approaching summer. Here, it’s the repeated distant motorcycles revving — all over the state, thanks to Laconia Bike Week. Plus an occasional airplane or lawnmower.

    • Sorry it took me so long to get back with you; I was off the grid for a week, enjoying the humming of mosquitoes and deer flies in the woods. Ick!

      The one natural summer sound that reminds me of all those droning mechanical noises is the whirring of cicadas. I always think, “Ah, now it’s REALLY summer!” when I hear them.

      Thanks for stopping by, and for sharing the summer sounds in your own neck of the woods.

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