No, I’m not talking pastry; I’m talking about myself.

I spent the better part of the day searching through photo disks and thumb drives for a picture of a frog. A particular frog (actually, a series of frogs) known as Pond Frog. I was going to write a lovely post about Pond Frog (all of them), but first I just had to find that picture I remembered seeing. Sometime.

Since Pond Frog lived at our previous house, I had to look through pictures taken over eight years ago, because that’s how long we’ve been in this house. Things that far back aren’t quite as well organized as more recent things, and recent things aren’t all that well organized, so you see my problem.

I know I’ve seen that picture, but I can’t remember where, or for that matter, when. And now it’s time to head for bed, and I have neither a picture of Pond Frog or a post about it to show for my trouble.

I did get to relive a lot of great memories, though.


6 responses to “Flaky

  1. What cuties! But I feel your pain looking for pictures. All the hundreds of photos I took while living and traveling in asia? Can’t find ’em, anywhere…

    • I probably put the disk with the frog pictures away somewhere that made sense at the time, but which I’ve subsequently forgotten. That’s why I’m a stacker organizer — I’ll remember forever which stack something is in, but forget in a moment where I filed something. Must be some kind of visual memory thing.

  2. Hey, Thomas chugged all of the way across the country to California so that we could see Thomas at about that same time. Holly was almost 1 and Josh was 4, so that must have been 2005!

    • I’m delighted that Thomas made his way to California, because he’s certainly well-loved east of the Mississippi. That picture must have been just before he headed west: July 2004. It seems like yesterday, and it seems like a hundred years ago. Weird how we experience time, isn’t it?

  3. Awww, you should have a print made of that one! Such a nice shot!

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