Grace, today

This is a day of grace. Waking in a comfortable bed, in a climate-controlled house. Opening a cupboard to find food to prepare. Turning on a faucet for clean water to drink, cook, and bathe. Having transportation to church, library, store. Worshiping in the midst of the beloved community. Watching a movie with family and talking with friends. Praying for those I love, for those I dislike, and for those I don’t know. Searching for a way through apathy and anger, fear and regret.

And through, in, and around it all, there is sunshine and rain, birds and trees, tears and laughter. There are songs to sing and books to read, hands to hold and gifts to receive. There is work to do and blessed rest. This is a day of grace.

Every day.


2 responses to “Grace, today

  1. Thank you, Jennifer. I certainly needed to hear this today. *hugs*

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