The Queen (sadly, not)

I had a great post planned for today: I was going to reblog this wonderful pair of pictures of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, one very recent and one from several decades ago. Both are casual shots, and the poses in each are virtually identical. But I can’t remember where I saw this post; it doesn’t appear on the blog where I thought I saw it. I seemed to recall that I had commented on the photos, but when I tracked back through comments I’ve made, it turns out that I didn’t after all. (Deep sigh.) My having to explain all this takes the magic out of it.

So what started out in my mind to be a (mostly) wordless blog post (because when you see the pictures, no words are needed) has turned into a rather long-winded explanation with a lame description. For this I apologize, and I promise to reblog the post properly when I find it (if I find it).


3 responses to “The Queen (sadly, not)

  1. I wait with baited breath. I’m a die-hard royal watcher…I’d love to see it! And I love your explanations!

  2. Um, Murphala dear, there’s really no delicate way of putting this…but with what is your breath baited? I always envision folks who’ve eaten sardines — at least they’re cooked. ;-D

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