X is for Xanthippe

…because that name came up in a short story I recently read.* I will let you figure out for yourself how it might relate to this post.

My friend Murphala, over at FlourWaterYeast&Salt is knitting a third fingerless glove because she’s not happy with the color/pattern differences between the first two she made. I made a comment, to which she replied, but when I tried to respond to her response, Picatcha wasn’t working and wouldn’t let me make the comment, so this blog post will be my reply.

I sez: They all look find to me, but then again that sort of thing must not bother me because one of my kids regularly wears non-matching shoes to school.

She sez: Which kid?

So now I sez: The queen bee. It started in preschool, when she began mixing and matching socks. She’s the sort of child who goes barefoot at every opportunity, so I was just thrilled she had socks on at all. I was having coffee with some of the other preschool moms one day when a couple of them started complaining about how their daughters wanted to wear socks that didn’t match. I sheepishly confessed that was because of my daughter, and warned them that the next fashion craze coming their way was mix-n-match pony tails/pig tails. (The queen bee also had issues about brushing her hair.) I wasn’t invited to any more mom brunches.

She started in with the non-matching shoes last summer. The child is incredibly hard on flip-flops for some reason, and within a few weeks of getting a very sturdy and fairly expensive white pair, she had broken one of them. I foolishly bought her another pair (in a different color because they were out of white) which lasted her for about a month. As I lamented the demise of the second pair, she noticed that she had broken a different shoe in each and seized upon the idea of wearing the mismatched pair. The shoes were identical except for the color, so I decided there wasn’t any harm in it. I thought I might get more of my money’s worth out of them that way.

While shopping at the Goodwill this spring, she found two identical pairs of flats, one pink and one green. Seeing as they were only $2 each (significantly cheaper than the &^%$#@ flip-flops) I let her get them. So now she has TWO pairs of mismatched flats to go with the flip-flops.

Of such things are fashion icons made.

* “Seven Wonders,” by R. Garcia y Robertson, in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Dec. 1995


3 responses to “X is for Xanthippe

  1. I’m 1000% behind the urge to go barefoot. I loathe socks of any kind and can do without shoes most of the time! I do have a colleague/friend who is wonderful. Her favorite foot attire is crazy socks (the crazier the better) and some velcro Teva sandals. 🙂 I’m still trying to figure out the Xanthippe reference. Feeling dense today!

    • The good news is, there’s no right answer for the Xanthippe reference. It’s like dream interpretation — make of it what you will. 🙂

      Crazy socks reminds me that a local artisan knits these amazing socks in bright colors — no two are alike — and she sells them in sets of three. You never have to worry about matching them or even losing one of them. You could do that with your fingerless gloves. 🙂

  2. Oh gosh, Jennifer…that’s BRILLIANT. Seriously! Shh…or someone will steal our business plan for gloves…

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