W is for work

I need to finish an editing job for a client, so this will be my post for today. It feels a little like cheating, but I will be using the written language portion of my brain, and I will be writing comments and corrections and such. I just won’t be posting them here. Sorry. 😦


4 responses to “W is for work

  1. Work. HavE too go their. they’res some editing work for ya!
    So I’m going to be dealing with frantic students whose final is tomorrow and cheaters we have caught. O joyous day!

    • Whoa! That fabulous spelling got you funneled into the spam can, my dear. Good thing you were one of only two; I usually empty spam without reading it. (My apologies to anyone whose comment has gotten lost that way.)

      Sounds more like a frabjous day to me: go skewer a few Jabberwocks with your vorpal sword.

  2. hehehe! That’s funny that bad spelling ends up in spam… something else weird happened here when I was trying to comment but can’t remember because it was at a ridiculous hour of the morning! You should glance at spam…I find people there regularly as first-timers who are legit (and even ME) who I have to rescue. But I wish I knew why I get 30-40 spam messages A DAY.

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