Pear blossoms

Not to be outdone by my friend Murphala, who posted a lovely picture of cherry blossoms on her blog, here’s a nice photo of the ornamental pear blossoms:


4 responses to “Pear blossoms

  1. So delicate and beautiful! However, cherry blossoms weren’t all that I posted. I want to see a picture of your garage. Wait… I bet it’s all neat and clean! Never mind. It will just make me feel bad. 😉

    • Jennifer Barricklow

      Ha! We haven’t been able to put a car in the garage in seven years, despite multiple cleaning efforts of epic proportions. Inanimate objects breed in there. Maybe I’ll post a picture to make you feel BETTER. 🙂

  2. Beautiful blossoms! Blessings to you, Jennifer…

    • Jennifer Barricklow

      Thank you, Carol Ann! I apologize for being so long in replying; we were in London for a couple weeks and I had limited internet access. Blessings to you as well; you and Johannes are daily in my prayers.

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